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About us

IMAGO | Instituto Superior de Artes Visuales is the number one photography school in Mexico, of national and international reference. At the institute, students from Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, the United States, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Austria, among others have studied or studied. We are an innovative school with an artistic education of first level, thanks to our magnificent plans and programs of study. In addition, our IMAGO SCHOLARSHIP program has benefited and continues to benefit dozens of interested in the study of photographic art.

The IMAGO Institute offers photographers from all over the world a space to share images and learn from everyone. IMAGO Network is also the first photography community for Spanish-speaking and English-speaking photographers. Our intention is to give visibility to the world's talented photographers and connect them with each other. This space is part of our effort to promote photography as art. Do you want to be part of this adventure? You are welcome!