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For 5 years the IMAGO Institute has made an extraordinary effort to disseminate photography as a way of expression. This effort has been aimed at teaching and disseminating the photographic image through multiple courses, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, interviews with photographers, among others.

As part of this effort, IMAGO was launched in January 2018, an online platform dedicated exclusively to the global exhibition of photographs. We are aware that, to grow and be inspired, photographers need to see how photography is taken in the world. But we also know that showing photographs is not enough, but that recognition is a fundamental part of the development of a dedicated photographer. For this reason, IMAGO awards have been designed with the objective that photographers gain recognition with their work, beyond the cold "likes" of the time in which we live, and can achieve the turn they expect in their career.

During this time, we have managed to build an audience formed by photography lovers from more than 70 countries and thousands of visitors browse the site every month.

We are a small team, in love with photography as art and excited to spread it.

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