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Black&White International Photography Awards - IMAGO 2020

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Black and white photography awards IMAGO 2020

Deadline: January 20, 2020

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¡At IMAGO we are excited to announce the first edition of the International Black and White Photography Awards - IMAGO 2020!

This contest aims to discover and recognize the best photographers in the world who use the aesthetics of black and white to create striking contemporary images for their creativity, contrasts, shapes and textures.

We want these awards to help photographers of all levels make an important leap in their creative career.



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concurso fotografia blanco y negro imago 2020

"El nido". ©Daniel Maya Meneses (México).

1. Only Black and White photographs will be accepted.

2. The contest is open to photographers from all over the world.

3. The theme is free and open to all techniques, genres or categories.

4. The photographs will not have restrictions regarding editing and/or manipulation.

5. Each participant can send an unlimited number of original images of their authorship.

6. The participation fee is $10 USD (ten US dollars) for each photo sent.

7. By uploading the photographs, the participant authorizes that they can be used by IMAGO for the promotion and dissemination of the contest, in print or digital, always non-profit and for artistic and cultural purposes.

8. Participation implies acceptance of these rules.




1st Prize: $15,000.00 MXN (mexican pesos).

2nd Prize: $8,000.00 MXN (mexican pesos).

3rd Prize: $4,000.00 MXN (mexican pesos).

3,000.00 MXN (mexican pesos) to the most voted photograph.


30 finalists will exhibit their photographs in the Man Ray gallery of the IMAGO Institute, in Mexico City, Mexico.


The jury's decision will be final.


1 US dollar = 19.58 Mexican peso
Sep 25 16:24 UTC



The author will retain the rights of the photographs that participate in competitions.




Participation is open from September 24, 2019 until January 20, 2020. During that time, participants can upload their photographs to the site.

The prizes will be publicly announced on the IMAGO Network website, IMAGO - Higher Institute of Visual Arts, as well as on the institution's social networks, on February 3, 2020.



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