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1st International Photography Contest - IMAGO Awards 2019

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Deadline: September 20, 2019

Time remaining:

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With the aim of promoting photography as a way of expression and cultural activity, as well as recognizing the work of the best photographers who use photography as a creative tool in any part of the world, while promoting cultural diversity and healthy competition between creators, IMAGO Network announces the 1st International Photography Contest - IMAGO Awards 2019 sponsored by IMAGO | Higher Institute of Visual Arts. We want to see how photography is done in different regions and how it is experimented with techniques or diverse creative points of view.


1. Photographers from all over the world may participate, regardless of age, gender or place of residence. You only need to have an IMAGO Network account. If you still do not have it, you can create it for free here.

2. You can send photographs of free themes and in all genres or categories. We welcome conceptual, experimental, landscape, narrative, abstract, editorial, fashion, appropriation, self-portraits, still life, alternative, analogue, etc.

3. The participating photographs will not have restrictions in terms of editing, so photographs manipulated without limitation may participate. Only watermarks or signatures should not be included in the photographs.

4. Each photographer may participate with an unlimited number of original images of their authorship. Photos that can be considered as plagiarism will not be accepted. Claims for alleged plagiarism will be dealt with in a timely manner and, if appropriate, will be sufficient reason to remove the photographs of the contest and block the user on the site.

5. The contest is non-profits, however it will have a participation fee of $ 10 USD (Ten American dollars) for each photograph sent, which will help the institution to cover part of the expenses inherent to this type of event. The institution that calls the contest is independent and therefore does not have governmental economic support.

6. By uploading the photographs, the participant authorizes that they can be used by IMAGO for the promotion and dissemination of the contest, in print or digital, always for non-profit purposes and for artistic and cultural purposes.

7. The author will at all times retain the copyrights to his photographs. In no way the IMAGO Institute, is interested in owning the rights of the respective authors of the images uploaded to the contest.

8. We recommend that photos be uploaded with high quality, with a minimum size of 2000px for its longest side and a maximum size of 20MB.


1. The winning photographs will be selected by a jury composed of renowned photographers, who will take into account the creativity, the relevance of the themes and the formal and / or conceptual values ​​of the works.

2. Cash prizes will be awarded for a total value of $ 25,000.00 MXN (Mexican pesos), which will be distributed as follows:

1st place $ 10,000.00 MXN (Mexican pesos).

2nd place $ 7,000.00 MXN (Mexican pesos).

3rd place $ 5,000.00 MXN (Mexican pesos).

$ 3,000.00 MXN (Mexican pesos) to the most voted photograph among the participants.

3. In addition to cash prizes, in-kind prizes awarded by sponsors may be added. In case they exist, these prizes will be communicated at the time.

4. A selection of the 30 best photographs will be part of an exhibition that will be exhibited at the Man Ray Gallery of the IMAGO Institute in Mexico City, Mexico.

5. The decision of the jury will be unappealable.


1. Participation is open from May 23, 2019 and until September 20, 2019. During this time, participants can upload their photographs using the platform designed for this purpose in IMAGO Network. The prizes will be announced publicly on the IMAGO Network website, IMAGO - Higher Institute of Visual Arts, as well as on the institution's social networks on Monday, September 30, 2019.

2. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these rules.

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