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Ulla Von Czekus


About this photo:

The twisted embaúba leaves refer to the sculptures of the Brazilian Baroque, which has in its essence: the contrast, the dramatic, the excess and the dazzle. Just as sculptors shape clay or carve wood, nature has transformed this leaf into a perfection of shape and movement, surprising by the delicacy, grace and elegance of the contours and silhouettes. There is no reference to a sense of scale. This could be a tiny object or a giant sculpture. The armature and skeletal structure of the leaf is revealed in this photograph because it has begun to wither.

 NIKON D7200

 40.0 mm f/2.8

 40mm  6s  f/13  ISO100

 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 9.1 (Macintosh)

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Taken 22 de marzo de 2019 17:49
Category: "Conceptual "
License: Licencia de Foto Estándar



Fritz Gessler